Land & Construction Loan

Are you looking to finance your Land & Construction project ? Look no further… We are Construction loan expert and will guide and simplify your home building experience.

What is a Construction Loan ?

A construction loan is a loan designed for people who want to build a new home or renovate their existing property. This loan is funded by progress payments or drawdown payments to be paid to the builder as they complete critical stages of the building works. As each of the five stages is finished, the builder will invoice the owner and the owner will pass the invoice on to the lender. The lender will have the site inspected, and if the work is deemed satisfactory, they then pay the builder for the work completed so far.

Construction loans are bit complicated as compared to standard home loans. It requires different loan structing and additional documentation.

How can we help

Whether you are looking to construct your home to live in or you are constructing an investment property, mortgage broker can help you arrange the finance.

We have long term relationships with vast network of lenders and with our finance expertise, you can feel confident that we will find the right loan tailored to your circumstance and requirements at best interest rate. We will show you how to get your finances ready to apply for a loan and advise you how to manage your budget through the build.

We will understand your current financial circumstances and provide you with a selection of mortgage solutions, tailored to meet your own personal needs. We will help you understand the different types of loans products that you may be able to avail. We will negotiate with lenders to find you the best interest rates.  We will guide you through the whole process to ensure we get your deal done successfully.

Best part is that we don’t charge any fee from you for these services. That means our focus is solely on finding you a competitive loan that’s the right fit for you making your home loan experience simple and effortless.

We are committed to helping you secure your dreams.

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